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8 Tips for a Healthy Spine

Spine HealthThe spine allows your brain to interact with every other body part. Because that’s the case, spine health is a particularly important part of wellness.

Your brain essentially serves as a telephone dispatch center, constantly receiving and sending signals. Your spinal cord is similar to a telephone line. When the lines are unhindered, the connection is crystal-clear. However, if a branch falls on the line, you might hear static.

“When the vertebrae become misaligned due to a variety of stresses,” explains Australian chiropractor Michael Bloom, “the communication from the brain to the body is interrupted, and we can suffer from health problems.”

If you want to be proactive about your health and take wise preventive measures, here is advice from Dr. Bloom, as indicated in Australian Natural Health:

Tip #1 – Work out consistently

You want to get at least a half-hour of relatively strenuous exercise on most days.

Tip #2 – Maintain proper nutrition

A balanced diet will make your body much more resilient. Buy organic when you can, and stay hydrated – with about 2 quarts of water intake daily.

Tip #3 – Stand up straight

Spine health is highly dependent on maintaining strong posture when sitting and standing. Generally, an invisible vertical line should run from your ear to your shoulder and on through the hip, knee, and ankle. Don’t tilt forward.

Tip #4 – Upgrade your furniture

Sometimes improving your back health requires a trip to the store. “When you think of how much time you spend using these things each day,” Bloom noted, “investing in a good quality chair, pillow and mattress is worth every cent.”

Tip #5 – Roll over when you sleep

When you go to bed at night, don’t lie face-down. You have to turn your head to the side, straining your neck. Plus, that position, like the fetal position, flattens out the natural “S” curve in your spine.

Tip #6 – Prioritize flexibility at the gym

Before and after workouts, stretch your back and the supporting muscles. Bloom recommends twisting to the left and right while seated and bending to each side while standing.

Tip #7 – Prioritize back health at the office

If you sit all day, whether you are an executive or professional driver, it’s critical that you get up at consistent intervals to avoid stiffness and shortening of the muscles that support your spine.

Tip #8 – Talk to an expert

Finally, Dr. Bloom recommends speaking with a healthcare professional.

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