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3 Ways to Fight Neck Pain at Work

officeOur sedentary lifestyle is difficult on our bodies, and desk jobs are part of the problem. In fact, a recent study revealed that sitting for extended periods of time increases the risk of numerous health conditions. For instance, the chance of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is 90% higher for those who sit eight hours or more per day.

Chronic pain such as neck pain is likelier to occur to those with office jobs as well. Although the general issue of extended hours in chairs is a complex one to solve, we can maintain our health with prevention.

When suffering from neck pain, Baton Rouge residents can take the following four steps.

1. Outfit your workspace for ergonomics.

If you stay seated for lengthy stints of time, your muscles suffer fatigue. You can counteract that issue with ergonomics. One critical element is you want your elbows at right angles as they fall naturally at your sides.

Also, how high is your PC? When a computer screen is too low, we tend to bend toward it, resulting in “almost a whiplash action … that … reverses the normal curve within the neck,” said chiropractor Dr. Michael Cooney. “The more you reduce that curve over a period of time, the less mobility you will have and the more fatigue you will have.”

In other words, you can immediately accomplish neck pain relief by raising your monitor to eye level. Minimize the use of mobile devices for this reason, and plug an ergonomic keyboard into your laptop so you can prop up its screen.

2. Get an innovative chair.

You may be able to reduce pain in your lower back with a lumbar cushion, but it won’t stop you from slouching. Invest in a kneeling chair instead for neck pain relief. Get one that has a slope of 30°.

“Because of the angle, [this type of chair] forces you to sit up straight and maintains a neutral position of the spine,” Cooney commented.

3. Active breaks

One of the best ways to reduce chronic neck pain is to take breaks and get moving. Take a walk up and down the hallway at least once per hour to shift the work to a different muscle group. The walk will also circulate fresh nutrients into your muscles.

4. Stretch

Do a series of stretches. This reduces the stress on your muscles and enhances blood flow as well.

Neck pain expertise

More and more, medical researchers are revealing that our sedentary lifestyle is hard on our bodies. The above strategies can be effective. But if pain persists, get help.

When they experience severe neck pain, Baton Rouge patients recover with our non-surgical approach that focuses on the root cause. See our New Patient Offer here.

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