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What You Should Do After A Car Accident

car-accidentWhen you get into a car accident, it’s not easy to think clearly. In a serious accident, you may literally be in shock and need injury care. Even in a fender-bender, it’s stressful and possible to make a misstep at a time when you really do need to be on-point.

What’s most important to remember right after you experience a collision? Beyond contacting a chiropractor, Baton Rouge residents can commit this quick checklist to memory or put it in their glove compartments for use as a cheat-sheet.

Don’t leave

Some people depart the scene of an accident, particularly when they are at fault or otherwise fear an interaction with the police. Not only is that ethically irresponsible, but also it’s illegal, particularly if the other person experienced a car accident injury.

“If you leave, particularly where someone has sustained injuries or was killed,” explained FindLaw, “you can face serious criminal penalties for being a hit-and-run driver.”

Assess the need for medical attention

The things involved in an accident are always less critical than the people involved. Check if anyone needs an ambulance. If anyone complains that their neck or back hurts, or is unconscious or delirious, leave them where they are until first responders get to the scene (except when leaving them where they are is itself dangerous).

Get each other’s insurance details

Many people make the mistake of not getting insurance plan information from the other driver. That actually puts you into a legal gray area, which can be detrimental if injury care is eventually needed. As indicated by EnlightenMe, many states insist that you provide your driver license number, registration number, and insurance specifics.

Watch out for smooth talkers for this step and the next one as well.

Contact law enforcement

If significant damage has been done to either car or to external property, or in the event of any type of injury, you must dial 911. Request that a police report be completed by the officers (although they will typically file a report). It’s also wise to get the badge number and name of police for additional contact as needed.

Call a car accident injury attorney

Since life is sometimes at stake in a car crash, it may seem callous to think of an attorney. However, you want to speak to one almost immediately – since anything that is said to other parties (including police and insurance) can be used against you in court. Get a free consultation as quickly as you can.

Reach out to a chiropractor

Car accidents can be devastating to health, and we often don’t feel the effects of whiplash until days or even weeks later – when the condition may have become more severe.

Following car accidents, people protect their health with chiropractic. When in need of a chiropractor, Baton Rouge patients turns to First Choice Health & Injury – where we are here to help younot eat up your settlement money!

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