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Finally Safe & Effective Back Pain Treatment Options in Baton Rouge

Whether you are suffering from lower back pain, upper back pain, sciatica, disc herniation, or other spinal conditions, First Choice Health & Injury Clinic has innovative treatment solutions that will provide lasting pain relief. In most cases, your chronic back pain can be treated without the use of medication or surgery.  All too often people seeking back pain relief get unnecessary surgically procedures when their pain could of been treated without invasive surgery.  To ensure we can help you we’ve created a new patient offer that includes a diagnostic session with the doctor to determine if you’re a candidate for our back pain treatment program.  We call this the First Choice pre-treatment evaluation and it is risk free.

If you are ready to take the next step towards lasting pain relief.
Contact us today and take advantage of our New Patient Offer to see how we can help.

First Choice Health & Injury Provides Real Back Pain Relief.

We provide minimally to non-invasive treatments for back pain.  Our back pain treatments include:

  • Spinal Adjustment Therapy
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy
  • Pressure Release Therapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Super Pulsed Laser
  • Hands on Spinal Manipulation
  • Massage Therapy
  • Range of Motion Therapy
  • Braces and Supports
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • X-rays

Back Pain Treatment Program That’s Right For You

back pain relief doctorWe are experienced in treating patients with back pain as a result of muscle strains, sciatica, injuries, herniated discs and fractures, and even disease related conditions like spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and osteoarthritis. Pregnancy is also a cause of back pain, especially lower back pain, and we can help with safe gentle adjustments, and drug free options to help manage the discomfort due to pregnancy.  We strive to establish the correct combination of treatments that will provide the most effective short and long term relief, without surgery.

At First Choice Health and Injury we provide an alternative to “hit and miss” back pain treatments. We offer a non-surgical, comprehensive approach that focuses on the root cause of  your  pain. We have combined a unique non-surgical approach with a collection of some of the most advanced back pain relief technologies and therapeutic protocols available in any clinic in the state of Louisiana.  We understand that each patient is different with varying symptoms and pain levels which is why we take the time to properly evaluate and tailor a treatment program that’s right for you.

And to make sure that we can provide you with real back pain relief, unlike the failed treatments you may have already tried, we have designed a very non-invasive and extensive pre-treatment evaluation system that allows us to help determine who is an IDEAL candidate for our treatment (likely to respond well) and those who are not ideal (not likely to respond well).


This offer is valued at $500 and includes a diagnostic consultation with the doctor and x-rays if required.

The First Choice Health & Injury Clinic is located in:

  • Baton Rouge, LA (225) 308-4064

Receive Your First 2 Visits for only $47 ($350 Value). Visits include a diagnostic consultation with Neurologic and Orthopedic examinations and x-rays.

Visits include a diagnostic consultation with Neurologic and Orthopedic examinations and x-rays.

You have the right to rescind within 72 hours, any obligation to pay for the services provided in addition to free or discounted services. Not valid for Medicare/Medicaid patients.

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