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4 Exercises for Back Pain if You Sit All Day

If you have a desk job, you may believe your workday is easy on your body, but that’s not the case. Computer tasks and long stints of sedentary behavior can increase slouching, which in turn produces musculoskeletal tension and pain. “Slouching can physically compress your spine and make you feel stiff,” explains yoga instructor Kim […]


How Improving Your Sleep Positively Affects Brain Function

Getting adequate sleep is one of the surest ways to optimize your wellness. A fact-based list of different ways sleep improves health appeared recently on the blog of Hawaiian Ola. Taken altogether, these various reasons to prioritize rest are extraordinarily compelling: 1. Reduce forgetfulness. While you are sleeping, neurology experts agree, the mind consolidates all […]


5 Exercises to Reduce the Chances of Lower Back Pain

We all know how helpful it can be when someone is supportive of our personal or professional efforts. The muscles of our core need support as well. The core is constantly transferring pressure away from the lumbar spine for lower back pain prevention. We can help our bodies by strengthening those muscles. Incorporating a back […]


Restless Sleep May Cause Widespread Pain In Older People

Do you have difficulty sleeping, and are you in pain? A study released February by British medical scientists linked sleep disturbances with chronic pain. In fact, the research revealed that restless sleep is the top correlating factor to the initiation of broadly distributed fibromyalgia pain in people aged 51 years and older. The study, which […]


Arthritis & Heart Disease: What’s the Connection?

Achiness and stiff joints are, unfortunately, not the only concerns for those with arthritis. Research released last year – in the form of three studies – found that patients suffering from chronic inflammation, including rheumatoid arthritis, are likelier to experience cardiovascular disorders. These studies represent an important step for researchers in the field of arthritis, […]

Foam Roller

Foam Rolling for Knee Pain Relief

A normal part of the aging process is a gradual reduction in the flexibility of the joints and myofascia. Therefore, as we get older, it becomes more common to experience muscle pain or other discomfort when performing day-to-day activities – such as going up or down a staircase. Scientific studies have demonstrated that therapeutic massage […]

car accident injury

Don’t Underestimate Minor Soreness and Bruising from a Car Accident

The day after a car accident is often more painful than the moments directly following the crash. While the endorphins that are released when the accident first occurs help your body overcome shock, they can also make pain and other injury symptoms unnoticeable. Be aware that symptoms are often delayed. Let’s look at the three […]

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