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How Early in Life Should Autism Be Treated?

When infants show signs of autism, parents can engage them in a simple communicative treatment to improve their grasp of speech and reduce misbehavior, according to a small research project featured in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders in September. Seven boys and girls identified as “high-risk” for the disorder were given the therapy, […]


How to Manage Your ADHD at Work

As the CEO of the emotional-management company AbilTo, Michael Laskoff has proven himself in his career. He struggles daily with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) but has insight into conscientiously approaching the workplace. Instead of attempting to get yourself to perform adequately in a position that doesn’t naturally suit you, Laskoff advises determining a job […]


Get To Know Your Thyroid Gland

Are you experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, chronic pain, an inexplicable rise in weight, frequent colds, and/or skin dryness? It could be your thyroid. In the case of natural health personality Kris Carr, the main symptom she was experiencing was fatigue. After visiting various doctors and extensively researching the topic of low energy in conjunction […]


How Lack of Sleep Can Impact Performance

Sleep can hurt the quality of your decision-making, worklife, emotional health, and self-protection. If you’re having difficulty with your focus or memory, it may be due to sleep deprivation. Sleeping for under six hours each night damages your mental clarity and emotional balance. Based on recent research, experts agree that not getting enough sleep can […]


Restless Sleep May Cause Widespread Pain In Older People

Do you have difficulty sleeping, and are you in pain? A study released February by British medical scientists linked sleep disturbances with chronic pain. In fact, the research revealed that restless sleep is the top correlating factor to the initiation of broadly distributed fibromyalgia pain in people aged 51 years and older. The study, which […]

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