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3 Ways to Fight Neck Pain at Work

Our sedentary lifestyle is difficult on our bodies, and desk jobs are part of the problem. In fact, a recent study revealed that sitting for extended periods of time increases the risk of numerous health conditions. For instance, the chance of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is 90% higher for those who sit eight […]


Tips for Living with Fibromyalgia Pain

Although functional neurologic treatments can help reduce fibromyalgia pain, many patients benefit from at-home techniques as well. For those interested in DIY tactics, Ohio physiatrist Dr. Mark Pellegrino built a program called fibronomics, which he designed over years of treating thousands of patients with the condition. Pellegrino recently described the four pillars of fibronomics in […]


One Cause of Knee Pain is Often Neglected

As the American Academy of Pain Medicine indicates, more Americans suffer from chronic pain than from diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined: Chronic pain – 100 million people Diabetes – 26 million people Heart disease – 16 million people Stroke – 7 million people Cancer – 12 million people. Knee pain is one of the […]

low back pain

3 Yoga Poses for Low Back Pain

A desk job puts an extraordinary amount of stress on the lower back, often resulting in lower back pain, the #1 cause of disability worldwide (Global Burden of Disease, 2010). However, simple changes in our daily lives can have a profound preventive effect on LBP. For example, a 2014 Israeli study showed that lack of […]


4 Exercises for Back Pain if You Sit All Day

If you have a desk job, you may believe your workday is easy on your body, but that’s not the case. Computer tasks and long stints of sedentary behavior can increase slouching, which in turn produces musculoskeletal tension and pain. “Slouching can physically compress your spine and make you feel stiff,” explains yoga instructor Kim […]


How Improving Your Sleep Positively Affects Brain Function

Getting adequate sleep is one of the surest ways to optimize your wellness. A fact-based list of different ways sleep improves health appeared recently on the blog of Hawaiian Ola. Taken altogether, these various reasons to prioritize rest are extraordinarily compelling: 1. Reduce forgetfulness. While you are sleeping, neurology experts agree, the mind consolidates all […]


5 Exercises to Reduce the Chances of Lower Back Pain

We all know how helpful it can be when someone is supportive of our personal or professional efforts. The muscles of our core need support as well. The core is constantly transferring pressure away from the lumbar spine for lower back pain prevention. We can help our bodies by strengthening those muscles. Incorporating a back […]


Arthritis & Heart Disease: What’s the Connection?

Achiness and stiff joints are, unfortunately, not the only concerns for those with arthritis. Research released last year – in the form of three studies – found that patients suffering from chronic inflammation, including rheumatoid arthritis, are likelier to experience cardiovascular disorders. These studies represent an important step for researchers in the field of arthritis, […]

Foam Roller

Foam Rolling for Knee Pain Relief

A normal part of the aging process is a gradual reduction in the flexibility of the joints and myofascia. Therefore, as we get older, it becomes more common to experience muscle pain or other discomfort when performing day-to-day activities – such as going up or down a staircase. Scientific studies have demonstrated that therapeutic massage […]

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