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Functional Disconnection

Why Is My Child Struggling

As a parent, it is difficult to watch your child struggle behaviorally, socially and academically. Yet empathetic to why they are struggling and how to best help them is often a frustrating process. Whether your child has a precise diagnosis or not, understanding the root cause, or what is happening in the brain of a child with these challenges, is vital to properly address the issue.

Understanding the Underlying Issue

A properly functioning brain communicates at lightning speed between and within both hemispheres. They connect, pass on information and release, repeating this action millions of times a minute. In a poorly functioning brain, the connections are often out of sync, missing each other or passing on only bits and pieces of information. This miscommunication is called Functional Disconnection and is at the root of all types of learning, social and behavior issues.

A Functional Disconnect

Functional Disconnection Syndrome (FDS) interprets the symptoms we see in a long list of neurological disorders, including but not limited to, ADHD, Asperger’s, learning disabilities, Tourette’s syndrome, OCD and sensory processing disorder. All these conditions are the outcome of either a left- or right-brain deficit; the symptoms are different depending on the side and area(s) of the brain that are affected. No matter what label you stick to it they all fall under the umbrella of FDS. It doesn’t mean that the brain is diseased or impaired in any way, because it is not. It is simply not developing as it’s supposed to. A functional disconnect can appear at any time during brain development, even in the womb, but it usually remains undiscovered until obvious symptoms begin to show.

The Brain is Volatile

It was once thought that the brain was immobile, unable to change or grow. But considerable research of epigenetics has shown that it’s exceptionally malleable, able to develop new neural pathways in response to stimulus in the environment. Additionally, it is now known that the difficulties correlated with a wide variety of learning disorders and neurobehavioral issues result primarily from environmental influences that affect genetic expression and are, therefore, often correctable. Because the brain can change, and because difficulties can be corrected, children suffering from Functional Disconnection can be greatly helped.

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