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Knee Pain Relief

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Our Goal Is To Decrease Your Knee Pain & Get You Back Doing What You Love! Why suffer with knee pain if you don’t have to? Our chiropractic team can help you get back on track today.

Knee Pain Relief in Baton Rouge

At First Choice Health & Injury Clinic we make sure to offer various options to treat knee pain conditions. Knee pain, which usually starts as just a faint pain can transform into a severe chronic pain condition which can limit one from achieving the most simplistic of physical tasks.

With such frequent daily utilization of the knee, it’s one of the most common areas to obtain a pain condition in. Knee pain can develop and worsen due to wear and tear combined with past injuries or from an accident.

Arthritic Knee Pain- Knee Pain From Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, OA, is one of the more common knee pain conditions. OA, also known as wear-and-tear arthritis, causes knee pain from the wearing down of the your cartilage in your knee joint. This wearing down of cartilage is caused by improper joint function and motion.

OA of the knee can also be caused by a knee injury earlier in your life. It can come from years of repeated strain on the knee. Fractures of your joint surfaces, ligament tears and meniscal injuries can all cause abnormal movement and alignment, leading to wear and tear on your knee joint surfaces.

Chiropractic Treatments for Osteoarthritis

At First Choice Health & Injury we create an overall plan to treat your knee osteoarthritis. When treating our patients with osteoarthritis of the knee or other joints our goal is to provide pain relief, reduce swelling and inflammation, decrease surrounding muscle spasm and improve joint mobility. We do this by using gentle chiropractic adjustments to help restore proper joint motion and reduce the pressure on your knee joint caused by arthritis. During this adjustment we also manipulate and stretch your knee joint restrictions. This helps improve normal motion and keeps your knee joint lubricated. Modalities such as ice, electrical muscle stimulation and heat may also be used to decrease your pain and inflammation.

Range-of-motion and stretching exercises will also be used to improve your knee motion. We will show you strengthening exercises for your hip and knee to help steady your knee and give additional joint protection from shock and stress.

OA can’t be cured, but chiropractic treatments are available to ease your symptoms and to slow down your knee degeneration.

Athletic Knee Injuries

The knee is one of the most common places for injury, especially for anyone that is active in sports. However, a sports related knee injury can happen to anyone at any time – you don’t have to play sports to sustain an injury. Knee injuries can cause you to stop your hobbies and activities, and even affect your everyday life and sleep.

As with most areas where surgical procedures are commonplace, at First Choice Health & Injury we utilize our Chiropractic and physical rehabilitation methods to prevent unnecessary surgeries.

We use a combination of precise chiropractic adjustments and physical rehabilitation to address the root of your knee pain. Knee problems such as decreased mobilization, poor circulation, muscle trigger points, muscle spasms, decreased range of motion, decreased flexibility, decreased endurance, poor balance and bad posture are treated through our sports injury rehab therapies. These therapies help reduce inflammation and swelling in the tendons, which minimizes pain and supports your body’s natural healing process.

Chiropractic care is a foundation block of wellness care, but without addressing exercise, nutrition, meal planning, weight control, injury control, orthotics and sleep, you cannot lead the active, healthy lifestyle that is obtainable.

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Many other factors that contribute to knee pain are:

  • Obesity/Overweight
  • Physical injury/trauma
  • Long periods of standing
  • High impact from repetitive movement patterns
  • Repetitive strain on muscles and joints
  • Aging
  • Arthritis
  • Daily wear and tear

Patients with previous knee injuries who have been treated improperly will have a much higher chance of chronic knee problems. If not treated in the correct manner, the knee pain will eventually cause the body to develop muscular imbalances from trying to adjust and make up for unnatural movement patterns. These muscular imbalances if still untreated can also trigger the development of pain in the hips and lower back.

Knee Pain Symptoms:

  • Redness or swelling around the knee
  • Crunching or popping during movement
  • Weakness/loss of stability and balance
  • Pain associated with movement
  • Limited range of motion

Our goal at First Choice Health & Injury Clinic is to provide the patient with relief from knee pain without the use of expensive and far too common unnecessary surgery. This is why the sooner one is evaluated the quicker we have to begin the healing process.

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